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Stage to Lordsburg, Collier's magazine April 10, 1937

Ernest Haycox (1899-1950) was a U.S. Army veteran who had been posted along the Mexican border and served in Europe during World War I before becoming a pulp fiction writer in the early 1920s.   He wrote more than 300 short stories and during the 1930s was a frequent contributor to Collier's Weekly.

Dudley Nichols (1895-1960), a veteran screenwriter and frequent collaborator with director John Ford, turned Haycox's story into a script.   He holds an Academy Award footnote as being the first artist to refuse an Oscar - for The Informer (1935) - because the Screen Writers Guild was on strike at the time.

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John Ford (1937)

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1 hour, 36 minutes

Director John Ford teams up with John Wayne in this break-out Western that redefined the genre.   Eight travelers must make it together across Apache indian territory.

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Stagecoach was Ford's first non-silent western.

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