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About Classic Film Club


Why Classic Film Club?

Like you, we love great movies.   Don't want to waste time sitting through another bad film?   Check out our database of classics with ratings from our subscribers.

We offer short, concise backgrounds of the films - who made them, who starred in them and what happened to them.   We try to make learning about more than 100 years of great movies easy, fun and approachable.   If you want to go deeper, we provide links to take you to more detailed sources.

What do you cover?

We start at the very inception of the film industry, beginning in Thomas Edison's New Jersey studio in 1894 through the last decade.

We believe some time needs to pass to let the marketing and media hype settle before we can begin to properly assess whether a film is a true classic - whether it holds up to the passage of time.

We've focused most of our attention on the 1930s and 1940s, but continue to expand and deepen the club catalog as long as enough of you enjoy our format and continue to support our efforts.

How are films rated?

Our subscribers rate our films.   The film rating is the overall subscriber rating.   Our rating key can be found in the Movies - by Star Rating fly-out navigation in the upper left section of this page.

Do you have film reviews?

We provide a short synopsis of each film, but do not provide or catalog reviews.

How do I participate?

As a visitor, explore - click/tap around.   See what's here.   If it interests you, join - it's free.

As a member, you have deeper access to our database and can get an even better feel of our information and format.

As a subscriber, for low annual dues of $10 (cancellable at any time), you gain access to everything, including the ability to rate films and access to search box functionality.

Can we purchase the photos or posters?

The photographs and movie posters used here are low resolution images optimized for fast web page loading performance.   They are not meant for reproduction or sale and are used for comment and criticism only.

All images here have been professionally restored and/or altered to a likeness of how they may have appeared at the time of original print date.

Do you stream or rent movies?

We only provide backgrounds and bios on films and their participants.   We have limited our catalog of classics to those films that are widely available for streaming, renting or purchasing.   There are several channels and choices available for viewing these films and, as a film lover, we assume you are already familiar with or favor one or more of the existing formats.   We hope this website will be useful in helping you with your film choices.

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