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Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso
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Cinema Paradiso

screenplay by Giuseppe Tornatore (b. 1956).

Tornatore began his career as a photographer before writing and directing documentaries in 1981.   His first feature film, The Professor (1986), which he both wrote and directed, garnered him an Italian Film Academy Award nomination for Best New Director.

His second effort, Cinema Paradiso (1988), was set and filmed in his hometown of Bagheria, Sicily, Italy and won the Academy Award for Foreign Language Film.

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Film Run-time and Synopsis

1 hour, 56 minutes

A small boy grows up running the theater camera in a Sicilian village.   He becomes a famous director and returns to his home after a 30 year absence to attend the funeral of an old mentor.

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Rated R

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  • 1990 Domestic Box Office Rank: #89U.S. flag

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  • (Adjusted Gross in $millions)
  • Domestic Theatrical Release:  $22.6U.S. flag

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