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screenplay by John Briley (b. 1925)

Producer/director Richard Attenborough was approached by an Indian civil servant about filming a biography of Mahatma Gandhi in 1962.   He struggled through two decades of scriptwriters and changes in Indian government support before finally releasing the film in 1982.

John Briley already had eight scripts produced when he was approached by Attenborough.   It was Briley who modified the narrative to focus on Gandhi's involvement in the Indian struggle for independence from the United Kingdom.   He received his only Academy Award for his screenplay.

Producer/Director Detail

Richard Attenborough

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Film Run-time and Synopsis

3 hours, 11 minutes

Ben Kingsley stars in Attleborough's epic biography of the great little man.

Film Comments

The funeral scene used more than 300,000 extras

Film Awards

MPAA Rating

Rated PG-13

Box Office Ranking

  • 1982 Domestic Box Office Rank: #12U.S. flag

Theatrical Revenues

  • (Adjusted Gross in $millions)
  • Domestic Theatrical Release:  $130.1U.S. flag

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