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Easy Living

Easy Living

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Easy Living

story by Vera Caspary

Caspary had published 3 novels when Paramount bought the rights to her short-lived play Blind Mice (1930) and released it as Working Girls in 1931.   She was hired as a contract writer and wrote the story/screenplay for 3 films before contributing the story for Easy Living.

Caspary is probably best known for her novel Laura which was released as a film starring Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews in 1944.

Preston Sturges, the screenwriter, in his first effort for Paramount, kept very little of the original story.

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Arthur Hornblow, Jr.

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1 hour, 28 minutes

Upon trying to return a wayward fur coat, a young woman finds herself at the center of scandal and the collapse of the steel market. Jean Arthur and Edward Arnold star.

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The film is unrated.

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