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Secrets & Lies

Secrets & Lies
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Source of Film

Secrets & Lies

screenplay by Mike Leigh (b. 1943)

Writer/director Mike Leigh's fifth film is partially based on the adoption experiences of friends.   His method of giving actors scenes and allowing them to improvise dialogue imparts unique characteristics of pace and flow.

He was lauded with his first Academy Award nomination for Writing for his work on Secrets & Lies.

Producer Detail

Simon Channing Williams

Director Detail

Mike Leigh

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Average Rating: 5.0 (out of 5)   (94 votes cast)

Film Run-time and Synopsis

2 hours, 22 minutes

Well scripted, produced and short story of the tribulations of an extended family.

Film Comments

The scene at the diner where Cynthia realizes she is Hortense's mother was shot in a single 7 minute take.

Film Awards

MPAA Rating

Rated R

Box Office Ranking

  • 1996 Domestic Box Office Rank: #108U.S. flag

Theatrical Revenues

  • (Adjusted Gross in $millions)
  • Domestic Theatrical Release:  $20.4U.S. flag

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