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Christopher Walken

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The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter
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The Deer Hunter

screenplay by Deric Washburn (1937- ) based on the story The Man Who Came to Play by Louis Garfinkle (1928-2005) and Quinn K. Redeker (1936- ).

Veteran screenwriters, Garfinkle and Redeker, sold their story about Russian Roulette and gambling in Las Vegas to EMI Films.   Director Michael Cimino and Washburn then set the story in Vietnam and added more characters.   All four received their only Academy Award nomination for Writing.

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3 hour, 2 minutes

A group of friends fight in the Vietnam War and then struggle to re-integrate themselves after their harrowing tour of duty.   Robert De Niro stars.

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Rated R

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  • 1978 Domestic Box Office Rank: #10U.S. flag

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  • (Adjusted Gross)
  • Domestic Theatrical Release:  $179mU.S. flag

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